Enviro CaseStudy

Enviro case study provides you an excellent opportunity to compete with the brightest minds from various colleges of India and test your techno-environmental skills and knowledge in the field of environmental science and technology. Through case study ,this event will be a great learning and networking opportunity for you and it will increase your knowledge in the field of environmental studies.
So, are you ready for the challenge ?
The participant students must be currently pursuing education (undergraduate or postgraduate) in a recognized institute. The participants may be asked to furnish the supporting documents as to prove the fore mentioned criteria.
  1. 1.The competition will be organized in two phases. The first stage will be online while the second will be at IIT Kharagpur during GREAT STEP.
  2. 2.The PRELIMINARY round will aim to float initial challenge to all the participants. There will be a problem statement whose solution will have to be submitted online before deadline.
  3. 3.Participants will be short listed on the basis of the merit of their submission. Short listed participants will be eligible to appear for the grueling session of CASE STUDY at IIT Kharagpur during GREAT STEP.
  4. 4.Second Round will be a presentation cum debate cum questionnaire round whereby the teams will have to present their work done on the problem before other teams and Judges.
  5. 5.Winners will be declared based on their performance in second round only.First round is just an eligibility criteria for second round.
  1. 1.Only teams whose members have registered online would be able to participate.
  2. 2.Each team can contain a maximum of Four (4) participants.
  3. 3.Students from different colleges can form a single team.
  4. 4.For the preliminary round each team has to prepare an abstract of the solution based on the problem statement.
  5. 5.The abstract submission has to be a word document which should be mailed to enviro@greatstep.in
  6. 6.Teams should mention their college name and the names of their members on the first page of the abstract.
  7. 7.The abstract should not be longer than 6 pages.
  8. 8.The whole analysis of the problem statement should be done by the participants themselves. Plagiarism will attract cancellation of participation.
  9. 9.Teams selected for the second round should come to IIT Kharagpur for the case study.
  10. 10.Teams presenting their analysis in the second round should come with a proper presentation along with their word document submitted in the first round.
  11. 11.Each team will be given a time limit of 10 minutes to present.
  12. 12.Teams qualified for second round are required to bring 3 printed copies of their presentation and needed to be submitted before the event starts.
  13. 13.The decision of the judges would be final and binding.
  14. 14.Team GREATSTEP reserves the right to change the rules and regulations of the event. You are accordingly advised to keep visiting the website. Only Top three teams will get certificate of merit. However other teams would get a certificate of participation.
  1. Abstract submission deadline : 10-10-2017
Prize Money worth 20000 INR or $300
1st Prize: 10000 INR or $150
2nd Prize: 6000 INR or $100
3rd Prize: 4000 INR or $50
Event Head