The dangerous mining fields, the underground excavations; the unimaginable situations for miners we can have something to go out there called ROBOTS. As the name itself says, geobotics is the mock tail of mines with the intelligence of robotics technology and your creativity. To develop state of the art sensing, control, and planning systems that will enable the hottest buzz of mining activity the mine automation - Here is a chance to induce a sliver of your intelligence in drab bots. We Hail the budding innovators and engineers to solve the Mining Problems with remote-controlled or autonomous bots.
The participant students must be currently pursuing education (undergraduate or postgraduate) in a recognized institute. The participants may be asked to furnish the supporting documents as to prove the forementioned criteria.
  1. 1.The competition will be organized at IIT Kharagpur during GREAT STEP 2017.
  2. 2.The Details of arena will be mentioned in the problem statement.
  1. 1.Only teams who have registered online would be able to participate.
  2. 2.Each team can contain a maximum of FOUR (4) participants.
  3. 3.Students from different colleges can form a single team.
  4. 4.The decision of the judges would be final and binding.
  5. 5.Only Top three teams will get certificate of merit. However other teams would get a certificate of participation.
The event will be organized at IIT Kharagpur during the fest.
Prize Money worth INR 20000 or $315.
Head, Event