Great step will be organising various workshops which will be a short educational program designed to teach participants practical skills, techniques, or ideas which you can use in your work sphere. The workshop will be conducted by people who have real experience in the subject under discussion. Keep visiting for latest updates.
The workshop will be conducted by DMT Consulting Private Limited, Kolkata. The theme of the workshop will be “Opencast Mine Planning and Mine Valuation”. Opencast mine planning and related mine economics are important ingredients for mine valuation, which in turn is critical for investment or sustaining a mine operation. The subject gains significant relevance considering the prevailing environment of auction of mining concessions in India. Through the workshop, mining experts from DMT Group will introduce the subject to the participants and will help in developing an understanding of the concepts for mine valuation. After deliberations on the subject, an exercise is proposed to be conducted among the participants to further enhance their understanding of the subject.
The monitoring of stability of surface and underground excavations in mines is an integral part of the job of a mine engineer and is essential for the safe working of mine personnel. A large variety of instruments is available for the such monitoring and they have different applications in the mines. Hands on knowledge of the use of these instruments and on the evaluation of the data from these instruments is a necessary part of the training to be a mining professional. Master Geotech Services presents a workshop to introduce the participants to the variety of goetechnical instruments available for the monitoring of stability of surface and underground excavations in mines. The procedures for installation of some of the instruments will be discussed and the methods of monitoring the stability of excavations based on the information from these instruments will be demonstrated using real data. The workshop will be conducted by Prof Srikant Annavarapu, IIT Kharagpur, and Sripad Naik, Scientist V, National Institute of Rock Mechanics, Bengaluru. All participants will receive a certificate from Master Geotech Services LLC and TMES.
1. What is Big Data Analytics and how Big Data Platform is different from conventional RDBMS?
2. Difference between Business Intelligence and Business Analytics
3. Descriptive Analytics
4. Predictive Analytics
5. Prescriptive Analytics
6. Role of Machine Learning in Data Analytics
7. Robotics and Robotic Process Automation
8. Few use cases and case studies on Machine Learning in Data Analytics – with a special focus on Mining Engineering.
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